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Video 1


Year of production: 2011

Trailer of "De tu ventana a la mía" directed by Paula Ortiz

Music composition by Avshalom Caspi

Video 2


Year of production: 2011

Highlights of my participation in the dance production 'Rebetiko' choreographed by Yannis Adoniou and his company KUNST-STOFF with music by Minos Matsas. Premiered in Berlin and San Francisco.

See In the Press for Reviews.

Video 3


Year of production: 2011

Oi Geranoi - The Cranes, with Plastikes Karekles at the Charity Concert at St Ethelburga's in London

Video 4


Year of production: 2012

Zaira- Arapiko Louloudi Mini Medley - PAKAW!

From concert at St Ethelburga's London

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